A Night of Music and Fireworks

I’ve always planned to but never got the chance to attend any of the Pyromusical Competitions held in the country. But this year, we were able to witness those amazing fireworks displays of the 3rd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition.

Two countries compete every Saturday with each one firing off colorful pyros for almost half an hour. They just don’t do their fireworks randomly — they synch it to their chosen music, giving pyrotechnics a fresher dimension. Participating contingents use everything from popular to traditional music to create awesome shows for the crowds.

The one we watched featured the

Orzella Fireworks S.R.L. – Italy,
(and our very own) Platinum Fireworks, Inc. – Philippines

The opening act for the night came from that of Italy. Philippines came in next after a few performances by some local artists. They did a nice show but sad to say, their performance last night was a little bit dragging. The storyline is slow-paced and there have been some technical difficulties.

People can watch the event for free along the mall’s parking lot. But we have decided to go buy gold tickets so we can have a great view of the fireworks display and also hear the accompanying music of the spectacular show 🙂 You get 50% discount on the tickets when you buy 100php-worth if Close Up products.

Overall, the event was really great and the display of explosive colors in the sky was really awesome! Everything was well save for the heavy traffic.  Traveling back & forth was a PAIN. Going there means enduring the pollution , the heavily crowded area and the misery of being stuck in traffic for hours while trying to make your way home.

Because of that horrible commuting experience, I’m not sure if I would still like to try it once again next year.  Oh well, we’ll see.

Special thanks to an angel who went with me and kept me company the whole time. 🙂

All images below were taken using my camera.

Jupiter (lower left) and Venus (upper right) joining the show!


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