A Muddy Treat : UP Fair 2012 – Himigsikan

To those who are not so familiar, the UP Fair is a week-long celebration held usually on the second week of February at the Sunken Garden of the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Every year, the University Student Council (USC) along with fraternities, sororities, and organizations inside the University of the Philippines Diliman host the event. The week-long event does not only involve a concert, but also a bazaar with various food booths and shops.

The fair grounds

It is an event that many students look forward to and it has already been a tradition for a number of UP Diliman’s alumni to go to the fair every year.

This year, the UP Fair 2012 goes with the theme “ReboKultura: Breaking the Silence. Revolutionizing Music,” with performances featuring top local acts in the country.

It rained so hard just a few days before the start of this year’s UP Fair. And, of course the Sunken Garden became a huge marsh land.

We walked around the muddy Sunken Garden grounds while wearing plastics on our feet. It almost seemed like we were walking on quicksand! We were so giddy anyway that we didn’t mind the mud and the crowd (there was more than 11,000 people!).

We wrapped plastics around our feet!

I had fun nonetheless because of all the funny moments I had, including those several times when I almost slipped and fell on the ground. I could not lift my foot because it was practically submerged on marsh land. Thank God, I didn’t dived into the thick mud because someone was there to hold me 🙂 Yey! It could’ve been a very hilarious scene — just imagine a pig in a pigsty. LOL.

The IMBA ferris wheel ride was also memorable. That ferris wheel was the fastest ferris wheel I have ever ridden on. It soared, it flew, it zipped through the night sky like a rocket. It would go whizzing by and you’d hear people shouting. XD I have no idea how fast it was going, but it was insane. The ride was so fast that it felt like my soul almost came off!

Anyway, aside from the muddy treat and the crazy fast ferris wheel ride, I enjoyed the event, and the company of the people who were with me that time. I love my starry henna tattoo as well 🙂

Special thanks to Gail (booth-handlers committee head) for offering us free food, discounts, etc. during the Fair. Also, congratulations to this year’s UP Fair head, Orly Putong for a very successful event.

This year's heads: Orly and Gail

What a fun way to de-stress after a tiring week. Cheers to a happy feeling! 🙂

Nice sky lanterns that were about to be released.


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